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Presentation of Learning

On Friday the 29th, we had an evening at our uni that allowed us to present out projects to our peers as well as to lots of other people that attended. The night went so well! Our project worked so smoothly, and Jess and I are super proud of it! Everyone enjoyed it, and we had quite a bit of interest in our large scale floor piano. Being a pair meant that Jess and I got a bit of time to browse other peoples projects (as well as provide the other with some snacks).

We had three presentations from students – Emily’s live performance was amazing! – as well as two guest speakers. The first guest speaker was Erin Hendry, who gave a very interesting talk about her experience of technology in school, and gave us all some helpful tips and tricks. The second guest speaker was Keith Huxtable, who spent some time talking to us about his work at Music EdNet.

Even though I had a bit of time to browse, I didn’t really get any good time to sit at any other projects and hear about them in depth. However, from what I saw, everyone did an amazing job!

You can read Jess’ reflection of the night, and see some awesome photos and videos over at her blog!


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