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Week 7

Today, we got to spend a decent amount of time playing around with the Little Bits Korg set. We played around with setting it up and making different sounds with it. I personally struggled with making sounds at first, and couldn’t seem to change the sounds, but I think it was the speaker my group had.

We then had another special guest – Rowena – come into the lecture to teach us how to use the program Sonic Pi. Things that I learnt were that the number 60 in the program equals middle C; the program also recognises western notation; that the ‘help’ button actually is very helpful (this seems obvious, but oh well); and finally, that you connect your phone to the program. Programming is super confusing, but I can definitely see that the more you practice, the more used to things you will get. I’m glad that I got the opportunity to learn a bit about programming. I’m not sure whether I’ll use it much, but I find it interesting!


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